Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday - recommendations #2

Evening all. I'm a bit late for a party, and need to do history revision, write this blog, eat, pre-drink, and get ready for tonight in a very short period of time. Multi-tasking - risky? We'll give it a try.

Fantastic stuff from this week:
   On Tuesday I went bowling with my cub pack.  Some good things about this included the playlist (This Charming Man followed by Paradise City? Hell yes) and my score of 148 smashing Simon’s by a good 50.  Also going to be made a fully fledged leader for CV and things, we were discussing my name – has to be from the Jungle Book, we were thinking King Louie but apparently he’s only from the film, so I’m gonna be ‘Jacala’. Win.
    Wednesday after ethics I walked into town with Alice and accidentally ended up drinking all afternoon with her. Love my best friend, such a terrible influence but yeah man, ace day.
    Still digging the new Gaga album. It’s so immense. Favourite songs on it: Judas, Bloody Mary, Bad Kids, Hair, Heavy Metal Lover. Least favourite (but still excellent): Americano.  Even better, I was delivered this baby today.  Beautiful, best £2.47 I have ever spent.
    Also delivered today was my little brother @andrewalpha’s birthday prezzie. It’s his birthday on Sunday, I’m not sure if he reads this (IF YOU DO I HATE YOU) so I can’t say more than what he already knows, but I bought it direct from Gareth Campesinos! so he’s got a lovely birthday note from the singer of one of our favourite bands.
    Lots of yr13 leavers cake.  The best leaving thing has been in history, where we had a good party – lots of cream cakes, a competition which my team – ‘team’ – won. I got a medal and everything.  Ms Lindsay, or, as we refer to her when drunk/she isn’t present, Jan, gave us a fantastic emergency exam kit; featuring incense (a jibe at religion), ready-dated revision cards, and a wristband bearing ‘”legend” history class 2011’. She’s ma fave.
    I’ve been watching Campus on 4oD in the last few days, it gets taken down in 13 days so if I were you I’d be all over that like a rash, Matt Beer is excellent and I would hope if I never bothered to leave uni that is exactly  what I’d be like.
    Wild Beasts’ Smother is, like Gaga, still brilliant. The lyric ‘Oh, oh Ophelia, I feel ya’ is my all-time favourite nine syllables.
    This happened a while back but just remembered and it’s still hilarious – my brother, And, was watching Father Ted (our fave, alongside IT Crowd, Black Books, Alan Partridge etc) and was really enjoying the bit where Ted dances to the song Shaft*. He fairly innocently assumed that there’d be a decent .gif of it on Tumblr, so he searched it – forgetting that Tumblr’s a fairly sex-obsessed site. He’s regretted it since.
(*the shaft makes up a large amount of the anatomy of a penis, if you hadn’t realised. I’m sure you did though, you intelligent, sex-crazed things, you)
    @footballquotes on twitter are AMAZING. Massive massive #ff recommendation.
    This monkey is a joker. In the immortal words of my mate Maskey, “Monkey eats 3 bananas then has a wank.... tickled me hard” 
    I’ve just taken the plunge of following And on twitter. Best decision I’ve ever made, he’s hilarious. Also he’s at a hot tub party tonight. Love the little lad (again, if you’re reading this, though, I HATE YOU)
    Excellent news – Bobby ‘Dreamy’ Pires might go to America and play for NY Red Bulls (tut, American commercialism) - and therefore play in emirates cup with Thierry this summer.  If so, I’m so gonna go, Lebob and Titi, YES.
    This tweet is absolutely BANG ON
    Increase in DLs of free download of our song E9 here - it's a song I ('I' - well, I did the lyrics haha and some other bits haha) wrote about this picture, the board game Battleships and the Greek mythology of Sirens – I’m a pretentious wanker, I know...
    Feeling rock and roll and doing ma Nick Clegg sad face #2k11 (yeah that's a tie draped around my neck, forgot about it (also that is a medal I won in history yesterday, not a really shit necklace)) à Me  | Nick Clegg 
    Next season’s awful footie kits. Many are hilariously rubbish.
    ArseBandits is so fucking funny.  Football fans read the entire series right now.
    I found this old pic of my band after our first gig (with Two Door Cinema Club, smuuuug) eating pizza.
    My Sweet Baboo EP was delivered. It’s beautiful.

This feature's all about good things, but we do all occasionally need a little bit of anger, just to keep us awake and exercised in mental activity.  It's fun!
  - I wrote my Superinjunctions song – ‘Oooh, Zeitgeisty’ but couldn’t record it. Boo. I wrote a blog about superinjunctions to make up for it but didn’t post ‘cause everyone’d got over the whole thing. Recording boo :(
  - Every single one of my pockets in these jeans I’m wearing have a hole in.  Party hard, yay, but holey pockets, nay. Pockets boo :(
  - I accidentally used a twitlonger yesterday.  GUTTED.  Not ma style.  Accidental twitlonger boo :(
  - The first thing which is more than a minor irritant.  Do I really need to explain why this atrocity is irritating?  Richard Littlejohn boo :(
  - This sobering thought.  Fuk da haterz boo :( 
  - Fuck off Crooks, Bale but no RVP? Load of old bollocks. Garth Crooks boo :(
  - Daily Mail - generally, obviously, bad, but this is awful.  Shit journalism boo :(
  - My timeline disappearing and Twitter apparently thinking that I'm not following anyone. I unfollowed + refollowed everyone, making those I mutually follow hate me when I appeared at the lower end of their followers list. Tasha assumed I’d unfollowed for ages!  Twitter being a dick the other day boo :(  
  - It isn't a good look to have visible pockets peeping or blatantly poking out of your short shorts - Nothing against a bit of leg, just against stupid pockets.  Stupid fashion boo :(

Back to the fantastic things love-in, and I'd like to say thanks to anyone reading this.  I've only got seven followers on here but it turns out lots of lovely people from twitter have email subscribed, and have been reading (: Thanks people - I'm particularly lovin' the love for my walking feature. Thanks very much twitter and everyone else for following! I hope I can get some more followers soon, still feels a bit like I'm blogging to no-one, comments appreciated haha - this is, I think, my tenth post, so now I'm allowed to join more communities and the count should be going up soon haha.  By the way, there is a small personal/housekeeping issue to sort - on my follower list, it has your usernames but I can't get it to show me the blogs you write, only those you read, so if people reading this could comment/email me ( ) with their blog's URL I can find you online and we can get chatting!

I think that wraps up this week, so that's one of my list of multi-tasking stuff to do done. I'm kinda ready to go out, too, and I've had a fair amount of cheeky beers writing this, so that's all good. Going to make use of Jan's lovely revision cards for a bit of history now! Then off (late) to N's party, paintin' the town red and various other cliches about drinking.  Revision win.  Have a good weekend!


"I wonder if Buzz and Woody ever met any of Andy's mum's toys... especially since they probably had the same names"

Really sorry it's so long.  These always turn out massively longer than i expect yhem tyo.  I'm quite late now tho


  1. My favourite thing about this post is when you discuss shafts.

  2. Aha yeah, thought that'd make you laugh (; thanks fo' yo' feedback (:


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