Thursday, 12 January 2012

How-to: create a fuck-off massive Wagon Wheel (71,640.6 calories)

Found this as a draft. Look how old it is!

"Yesterday (Wednesday 9th) third year, senior RA and fresher-fucker Matthew Rutter walked through our kitchen door with Tesco bags containing £30 worth of ingredients including marshmallows, jam, shortbread and 10 kilos of chocolate, with the purpose of making his ill girlfriend a GIANT wagon wheel."

Ha, really should have written this post.  The wagon wheel was well cool, as well, here are some pictures:

Katie smashing up some shortbread.    

Matthew waiting for the first chocolate layer to dry

CALORIE COUNT (accidentally but hilariously written on a pizza hut box background)  

some of the top layer of choc

just a casual little geek out

ellie and i decided to attack harriet

Friday, 6 January 2012


"40 Posts, last published on 24-Oct-2011 – View Blog"


Well I'm sorry it's been a while, it turns out that uni is just totally amazeballs, and I haven't reaaallly had much time on my hands (absolute barefaced lie, all I do is sleep).  Anyway, I've got an essay due in soon and there's nothing like procrastination for kick-starting an urge to blog, is there? 

Cunctation isn't the only reason for this, however: I've been reading some of your lovely posts and a couple in particular have really stood out.  It's Friday, and as a Twitter addict of the highest order, I thought a few Bloggers #FFs would be a nice thing to do. 

Very nice people live below this heading

The best thing about a fucked up sleeping cycle is being able to see tweets from down under.  In the past week I've very swiftly fallen for Hila, and I think her new year's poem can demonstrate why.  She is also bally ace for good retweets, and I've found several lovely things via her in the past few days, such as Jennifer Grotz’s stunning “Poppies”. And no, that's not a link to the Sun. 

One of the best people I've met this year (and this is the year I've gone to uni) is a boy I followed on Twitter on a whim after seeing him tagged in a few friends' tweets.  Turns out the guy shares more than an interest in Peep Show with me: a keen writer, bantersaurus rex and fellow sufferer of arrogance and laziness syndrome, we've been planning to co-write some stuff for a good forever now and I therefore pledge to eat a hot chili in a vlog if, by the end of summer, we still have nothing substantial to our names.

Black and white blog
Colour blog

When I first joined this website - almost entirely down to the efforts of Bee, who I'm sure you'll all know - I immediately followed several blogs in a flurry of activity, in an attempt to really get stuck into this whole community business.  Zoe's fantastic photography, craft and lifestyle blog, Ladybird Likes, is one of very few that I stuck by, and that's as much down to her amazing personality as it is her superb eye for gems when thrifting.  I for one am very much excited about the prospect of her new - own - business and if any of you wankers don't at least have a butch I'm going to send the big boys 'round.
(Zo', I'm sending your mixtape SOON AS I'm so sorry it's taken quite so fackin' long)

As you might have expected, I'm at university with some pretty charming chaps.  My flatmate Molly, for one, is fiercely intelligent and of everybody I know has one of the best tastes in literature.  Together we run (ran) @matthewquotes, the tribute twitter account to Matthew Bond, one of the most entertaining people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Here's a photo I took of him the first time we went out as a flat.

One of the best things about studying at a university notable for its multiculturalism is how different the people you meet are to each other, and just how many people you meet and love.  Somewhat surprising, then, is how Charlie has managed to end up in three quarters of my classes, but I regret nothing - she's proper ace, right; she likes feminism, films and fluffy penguins, and her happy new year video was wrapping herself up in cellotape.  

YouTube channel  

Have you subscribed to Charlie on YouTube yet? Ace. Now watch this.*

The nicest person around is Aleks Bhowmick - without his consistently happy tweets, the world would literally collapse.  I don't really feel I need to say much more: following him on twitter will quadruple your quality of life.  Go for it.



*Nothing she's done, but I'm always up for misleading my readers into watching a nice bit of Thierry-porn.