Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Walking #2

Alright peeps, I've had a great day.  Two hour lie in, this delivered, a gossip, loads of food in my last ethics lesson, and an afternoon spent drinking and laughing with Alice.  Quality.  And then I owned her 8-year-old brother on Guitar Hero drums.  I did little unmapped walking, though, so I'm gonna mainly say about the day after my last walking post, Thursday.  As ever, I've no idea how to make pictures on here work so I'm just gonna leave them all in a mess at the bottom for you to sift through - sorry, I'm lazy, right, but think of it as, like... a jigsaw puzzle... or something...



I am lost.

That's the conclusion I drew two hours into my 30 minute detour on the way home from school to get some extra walking done on Thursday 'morning' before turning back, delirious, and finding a sign pointing towards the fair old town of Letchworth.  I'm such an idiot sometimes, this project was never gonna do me well - all I did was go the other way out of school, to try and get to the top left corner of Letchworth conveniently, but decided to carry on to get a picture of our sixth's usual lunchtime pub, The Two Chimneys, for something interesting to say here.  But I had one of those moments when you think it takes more effort to turn around than keep walking and found myself inquisitive of what was ahead, so I didn't turn back and went all the way to Stotfold.  I was so tired and ruined (not urined, as I originally typed...) some perfectly good new chinos whilst I was clambouring through some sort of marshland and a building site.  I'M SUCH A DICK SOMETIMES.

Thoughts from this week's walking, arranged vaguely chronologically:
- Lovely day for a walk. I'm really enjoying my walk this morning. I woke up really tired but now I've done a history mock and am off for the day. It's lovely; great weather, quiet roads, and clean air.
- Found a house with seven statuettes of pigs in the front garden. Seven, I'm not joking.
- Tractor goes past, followed by a Porsche.
- Lovely couple of pensioners who were chatting to me about walking - bloke called me 'old chap' a lot of times - I wanted to take a pic of some amusing gnomes but they were looking :(
- There is a lot of suspicious mooing behind this hedge.
- So I got pretty much a whole day off and spent it walking
- Really want a large chocolate McDonalds milkshake. The death of my veggie principles :(
- Random musings: good people to have a pint with - Alex James, Thierry Henry, Roald Dahl, Simon Lucas (my friend not someone famous), anyone who can take the fall guy spot off me, Moss from IT Crowd, Terry Pratchett, Phill Jupitus
- On my way down Baldock road, casually doing the limbo under low-hanging branches.
- Just saw someone asleep who I messed up a photo of and then I thought they might have moved a little bit so I was too scared to try and get another
- I haven't a clue where I am.  Though I suppose that is pretty much exactly why I'm doing this.
- Fucking hell
- Mum texts me, calling me a 'wally'
- Going back on myself. Don't even have a belt on so I can't run.
- Wish I had some headphones and Born This Way right now
- IT'S ALL GOOD GUYS, ALL GOOD, I FOUND THE POULTRY FARM AGAIN (again, I feel like a bad vegetarian).
- Found my way back to Chims! Really want a pint.
- I was cheered up by the sight of a man with a really crazy-jokes hair/beard/tache combo. Like, properly, mentally bad.  No good photo, though, because he had an angry looking dog on him.
- Random musings #2: my favourite emotion is the pride of achievement. It's a shame I'm so lazy and, err, jealous haha
- Crazy hair dude update: nearly got one! Didn't quite, though, he was crossing the road so wasn't looking and I snapped him but it was really blurry :( I got one of his back, though (I promise the dog looked more scary in real life).
- Are there any FB groups about cloudgazing the clouds on Google streetview? I'm pro at the real deal, I'd ace the watered-down version
- Just saw an old dude with the best cardi
- My jumper's really bloody hot right now
- HAHAHA just heard a little boy on the other side of the road scream 'oh Daaaaaaaad, did you just fart?' He's like eight, cheeky devil

Hope those sort of show you how I think when I'm walking - that's not all just Thursday, but is for the most part.

Picture jigsaw!

I don't care how reasonably you ask for peace, you're outside a special measures school. Not gonna happen.

Our lunchtime carvery!



Bins with dogs on them are pretty funny for some reason

An inquisitive dog

I found this barn really interestingggg

More of the intriguing barn


Single red poppy in a sea of yellow and green (my rubbish phone doesn't really get the vibrant colours... just the green)

A hilarious red gate...

I'm sure the isolated rugby ball was much bigger than this

A hole

"It's called character"

Massively poignant


Our lunchtime pub (: I play the occasional gig there

There's a lot of mooing behind this hedge

Terrible signposting. Terrible.

Accidentally gone really far off of my map...

The back-country

Is it only me who doesn't get patriotism? Really? I just don't understand it.

Letchworth (about 8 miles away at this point, I think...)

We still don't like signs around here (see last week's post...)

Ahh, the poultry shop!

Again, what is the point of advertising when it's done this badly?


Crazy hair beard dude

Great, roadworks just outside my house. That's not going to be awkward for parking...

Pig house!

Nothing interesting for the tabs in here...



Toothy car


A house with a moustache

We h8 siGnS

A dog doing a shit hahahahahaha I'm such a freak

Crocodile-shaped cloud (not a very good view tho')

Pyramid house

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