Monday, 16 May 2011


Another, longer, project - as the scope of much is this blog is self-improvement and things I own, if figure a list of targets could be quite helpful.  There's no specific number, and I'll add things & strike things off.  As you can see from number two, I'm working under the assumption that this is a very long term thing.

1 Go to a cup final (inc. Champions League)
2 Buy a season ticket for The Arsenal
3 Manage consistent revision for the first time
4 Do better than expected in something academic (A2s please)
5 Walk every street in Letchworth 
6 Walk every street in Colchester
7 Own as many Smiths/Moz singles as possible, but specifically There Is A Light That Never Goes out on 7"
8 Shout 'next round on me' in a not-empty pub and buy everyone a drink
9 Finish writing a good play
10 Go on a tour with a fairly popular band that I really like (Everything Everything, Friendly Fires standard)
11 Play fairly high up the bill of Rhythms of the World
12 Play at Glasto
13 Write by myself and record a song that I am genuinely proud of
14 Vlog at least five videos of myself covering my favourite songs
15 Learn to sing well
16 Learn to play the drums
17 Relearn (properly this time) the trumpet
18 Own all of my favourite albums as LPs: Modern Life is Rubbish, Romance is Boring, The Queen is Dead, Is This It, The Suburbs...
19 Own every Wild Beasts and Radiohead album on vinyl
20 Brew my own chai tea
21 Read the entire works of Oscar Wilde and B.S. Johnson
22 Adapt and/or direct a staged production of one of Jean-Paul Satre's, Tennessee Williams' and Mikhaol Bulgakov's plays 
23 Watch every Adam Curtis film
24 Memorise every lyric written by Paul Heaton, Moz, and Gareth Campesinos!
25 Devise a really clever metaphor / a perfect analogy to help explain something really confusing
26 Have a pint with an assortment of my favourite people called Alex: James, Turner, Kapranos
27 Write a short film
28 Write a good comic
29 Convince Ariane to fall in love with me without cheating
30 Get a good summer job
31 Find a full time job where with which I am genuinely happy
32 Help out at the recording of three TV shows which I like
33 Go to every major UK music festival at least once (Latitude)
34 Go to the Cannes Film festival
35 Go a major music festival overseas
36 Owe mum and dad no more money
37 You know when you see a band but don't know their music but they're excellent? And then you get really into them afterwards? Yeah, see all of those bands again: Belle & Sebastian, Two Door Cinema Club, Flashguns, Everything Everything, Bombay Bicycle Club...
38 Own the 7" of at least six of my favourite Beautiful South singles
39 Give adequate time to and finish every book on my 'to read' shelf (well, two shelves)
40 Buy this babe
41 Buy original art by Alice Dixon, Tinhead and three other favourite artists of mine
42 Ride a zebra
43 Learn to drive
44 Get Andrew smashed
45 Get a portrait of me painted (thanks Vicky)
46 Master circular breathing and get good at playing digeridoo
47 Write a song where glockenspiel is an integral part
48 Win a cooking competition (best use of a potato award, sick)
49 Win a proper cooking competition
50 Score at the Grove
51 Get my hair cut like Aaron
52 Grow a good strong beard
53 Meet Bee and Marie
54 Visit Rosh when he's living in America
55 Become comfortable with who I am
56 Realise when I've stopped growing 
57 Win an LC! competition
58 Get a stable weight
59 Regain a stomach I'm happy with
60 Become an expert on something. Anything.
61 Own a house with its own library
62 That most annoyingly masculine of traits - have 'good' biceps
63 Get a regular readership where I have enough readers to run competeitions
64 Create a box of mixtapes for every mood
65 Run a competition for said box
66 Do a LC!-style record box giveaway
67 Think of some non-cunctactory justification for writing really long unnecessary lists
68 Have a wardrobe full of excellent jumpers
69 Live for at least 6 months in Brittany, Prague, Berlin and London
70 Get a column in a good quality newspaper or blog
71 Subscribe to Heatrash and catch up on issues I have missed
72 Be featured or have my band featured on one of my favourite music blogs
73 Get to 1,500 followers on twitter without being a dick and following a million people for that specific purpose
74 Get really good at gardening and grow a tree
75 Learn to walk in a straight line
76 Perfect my G&T making skills
77 stop being so clumsy
78 do a Josie Long and after uni take maths for A level. I want to get a B or higher
79 play an acoustic instore at David's Music
80 Buy everything I want on a single record store day (as in every exclusive release I desire)
81 Own an HD video camera
82 Tell these people what they are face to face
83 Own a top-of-range phone
84 Own a lot of nice guitar pedals and play around putting voices and my stylophone through them
85 Read the complete works of our lord and saviour Monty Python
86 Find the perfect chai tea recipe
87 find and become an expert in using a tea strainer thing
88 become a connoisseur in aromatic teas i.e. this

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