Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tuesday to-do #3


A bit more, in brief:
That's the majority of my week for you. Anyway, evenin' and welcome to another pretty-much-compulsory-to-be-late edition of my Tuesday series.  Despite the above summary, I did do quite a bit of actually fun stuff this week - starting with bowling, straight after last week's post. I got 148, which beat Simon. Happy about that. Also went to a party on fri and then had a load of lovely drunken chats, particularly, as ever, with Alice, then stayed at Richard's until 4am.  Then on Sunday we got Guitar Hero/ The Beatles Rockband (surprisingly not presents for ANDREW'S BIRTHDAY which was that day but a nice augmentation to it).  I was well pleased with my present-buying skills for once.  Then today I went into school for half term - late, of course - then had a pub lunch with Nanny and saw Grandad in hospital.

Phew, we whizzed through that, didn't we?

Right, onwards...

Something actually interesting // a bit of juicy gossip:
I am arrogant beyond words, pretentious, shit at apologising, a prick.  I did write a large, interesting section about this bit but after some excellent Marie advice you'll only get this much.  Sorry guys - but who knows, maybe the email subscribe sent out the original and you'll be lucky to see a bit of gossip.  Could make things awkward for those who know both sides of the thing, ignorance is always easier. Basically I find it a little funny but overall I couldn't care less, which surprises me... didn't know I was such a knob...

Plan for the week:
Tomorrow: revision at school
Saturday: maybe go down to Strawberry Fair
Otherwise: Loads of revision. Dull as fuck, my life. Bad time to start a blog, really...

Targets for the week:
Do some walking in time for tomorrow's blog
Read all you lovely beings' blogs
Do some serious book reading
Book a haircut
Write my blogs before midnight

I'm very tired. It's now quite late and I need to be in school tomorrow morning.  Sleep well x


*applies to both revision and writing this post and anything else useful and constructive


  1. Ugh, forgot how much revision sucks balls. I've spent the past year doing nothing....

    I do like your rambles, Jamie.

  2. Aha thanks, rambling's pretty much all I do, to be honest. Wish I could make a living of it! I hateeeeeee revision


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