Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bearded woe - an introduction

I have a rubbish life.  I'd quite like to improve it  - exam results would go a long way towards it, as is this blog; another thing is the desire to really know who I am, and eventually grow into the person I want to be.

I think that's what this blog is really about, so by way of introduction to my waffle I'm going to start my first series here.

Basically, I really like beards.  I'd look terribly terribly shit with a moustache or beard, and obviously being really rubbish at maturity means it takes ages to grow anything.  I'm therefore gonna grow one over exams for the hell of it and stick pics on here in the weekly photo/video post for you all to laugh at me - today's is, what, three days in?

Oh dear.

Until tomorrow, anyway.


Update - 27/05/2011
Haha forgot to say about this, but I'd completely forgotten about study leave being non-existent this year for me (my school's in special measures and is trying to look authoritative) and obviously this made me look a little stupid, soooo I figured I'd postpone it a bit. Sorry dudeheads, it was a bit weird anyway though  x

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