Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tuesday to-do #1

My week
It's been pretty music-centric, to be honest, but actually really good.  First thing that springs to mind is over a week old, but shhh - playing with Jonny's new mentally expensive synth at band (see video) - great fun. Watch for everyone's faces.  Then there was something else brilliant I had to talk about but I've totally forgotten, so I'll just skip to Friday where I saw Flashguns at Club 85. Support was good, my mates Kenetics were, as ever, quality, and Maddox are great too. I still just don't get why Wildlife are so hyped, other than being mates with a certain promoter I won't mention.  First time I saw them was with The Vaccines, second time was when I played with them, then they played with Chapel Club, then this, and soon they've got a support slot to Peter Hook. HOW? But Flashguns were absolutely brilliant. I'd love to write more on them but I'm not sure I could put it any better. They ended on my favourite of theirs, Racing Race, and were just fantastic throughout. I think I tweeted a bit on it at the time. This is unusually fullstoppy for me.  Anyhoo, onwards, and I've written a blog here about Saturday, which was an absolutely quality day which involved two acoustic KWF sets (witha live debut for my glockenspiel) and the most fun gig we've ever played. Seriously, check this out. Then came the inception of this blog, obviously an excellent thing for lubricating my fictitious writing and idea glands and also - although quite possibly another form of procrastination - showing that I can actually be bothered to do something like this.  It's quite enriching, too; I read something the other day which quoted several studies showing that companionship, compassion and most importantly achievement.  Plus this is all about myself and the search to understand who and what I am to a fair extent, whilst edging this self into more favourable boundaries.  Realising who I am and trying to become who I want to be.  Yesterday I started reading this which is all about the ethics of sex - for my RS A2, I should hasten to add - and found it really bloody interesting, and today was excellent because of this achievement thing.  The top history coursework mark in my year, with 'stunningly good' writing and being told that it's now impossible for me to get an A because weird mark scheme stuff means any A mark would push my grade up to * provides relief beyond belief - as soon as I've bothered really trying with something, I've been successful. Although it may sound big headed, it really isn't: I envy those with any vague work ethic and ability to do anything other than write things - 'things' essentially meaning history essays.  If you're wondering, I reckon I'll get either (history/English/RS) *BD or BBC.  Anyone got any tips on work ethic?  I also quite need to decide proportions of work - is it worth putting extra effort into history and less into RS or vice versa? Or should I keep it at a fairly even spread?


Photos of stuff I've enjoyed this week

Absolute genius.

 Every figure on signs in Prague have to have headgear, which was hilarious when I realised

I proper want this. £280 in a charity shop.
 Nerd corner's beautique

 Me selling EPs. We all but sold out of what we thought was an idealistically sized stock. Thanks people!

 Just a bit of our front gardenn
 How ironic
 I make the best milkshakes
 Andrew in granddad's glasses ages ago.  Came across the photo this afternoon
 I'm studying this man.  Love his plays but in a homophobic society he didn't help himself by dressing like that.  Anyway, found that in my bookshop a while back and was genuinely shocked
 Another rediscovery, saw this bloke at the Grove once and fell instantly in love
 Oh look, it's Luke again
 ANOTHER rediscovery, this is the hilarious set of a band called Police Brutality I played with back in, I think, March. Their songs are seriously called these things (the venue was a dry house. They've been banned for life for taking 'crack' in)
 I got well engrossed in Goebbels for a bit. Here I am reading 'Nazis and the Cinema' because it's an oddly hilarious title
Another heh


Looking forward to...

Well, I'm seeing Blithe Spirit (a mum birthday treat) tomorrow and am expecting delivery of A) my purchase direct from Gareth Campesinos! and B) My limited edition white vinyl of this.  Other than that, I plan to revise (or, let's be honest, actually learn) a lot.  Things that I'm looking forward to doing after exams which have surfaced this week is the attempted accomplishment of much of this list and doing a free internet EP with my band, remixes, and Fokuz.  I'm also working with Gordon for a new song of his.  


Til' tomorrow, where we'll be seeing where I've walked this week. T'ra!

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