Sunday, 15 May 2011


First post on this blog.  Inspired by Vivatramp and Gabriel Duquette, I'll be doing, err, things about my life and that.  To keep things fresh I'm going to be using the Viva model of pretty much daily features, plus the occasional extra post.
This is a very quick going over obviously, and no guarantees that I'll start consistently doing this before the end of exams I'm afraid, but I'd like anyone's feedback on which of any mooted features, or other ideas, that you looovely people may have. I was planning on a weekly rota of
- my week: life or whatever
- music: gigs, releases, new bands
- football: talking about The Arsenal, tactics, match reporting, opinions, scouting/youth, transfer targets, my own little manager fantasy
- photos/videos of the week
- the Duquette-inspired walk feature (pretty much definite on this one, gonna be a really fun project): walking through every street in my town, Letchworth, and marking it on a big map (: Also going to take a picture of myself next to every street's sign
- collections: records, jumpers/cardigans, books; what I've acquired this week; stuff I have/want/need/am willing to trade with or for
- recommendations: reading, people, music

Undecided about the seventh day.  Rant?  Miscellaneous? My mental family? If I have enough readers, competition? I'll do mixtapes and things for that (:

Let me know - comment, publicise, spread the word etc. I hope blogspot was a better site than tumblr for this. Thankssssss


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