Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday to-do #2

Afternoon all, so who wants to hear about my boring week then?

I absolutely fell in love with St. Vincent - aim for next week: fall out of love with but listen to more of her

I listened to Wild Beasts' Smother a lot more and it's still perfect.  Also, new Arcade Fire!

I discovered dry toasted teacakes are EXACTLY like brioche, peng
WEDNESDAY:  saw Blithe Spirit - alright, pretty bloody nice, nothing massively brilliant but yeah, admirable (:

FRIDAY: I went to Alec's to watch Stevenage get into the League Two play-off final and then went off for a heart to heart-y walk with Gordon

SUNDAY: Became addicted to http://www.rainymood.com/ 

MONDAY: (Super-)injunction outing day.  I wrote a song about it but couldn't record it, so then I wrote a blog but it didn't really seem like it's particularly still in the mood of a zeitgeist.  It's still on the drafts, though - anyone think I should put it up?  It's a bit hard to understand but has a load of info/jokes on it...

The plan for the week:
Today - bowling
Tomorrow - strawberry breakfast with my ethics class. Not overly looking forward to it, and I promised to buy the cream and sugar yet
Thursday - history party. I love history.
Fri - Nikita's party
Sun - Andrew's birthday

Targets for the week:
Revision - plans/plan/facts/terminology/syllabus (it makes sense to me (sorry about this but now it's public hopefully it'll shame me into actually doing it)
Record superinjunctions song
Eat this new jar of marmite which is the size of my face - don't worry, I'm starting soon as I finish this post

Hopefully getting my Sweet Baboo EP delivered
Not be annoyed by the rising pollen count which coincides with me running out of hayfever medicine
I've read Peter Vardy's The Puzzle of Sex and drunk chai tea a lot

MY WEEK: And a hilarious leaflet came through my door  

WEDNESDAY: Ate a packet of Hobnobs,
THURSDAY: I really excitingly won this beautiful BBC 6Music mixtape vinyl.

TARGET: eat a face-sized jar of Marmite

FRIDAY: Alec's and Guitar Hero (obviously I'm the drummer, beasttt)
SUNDAY: Discovered these poor things, victims of the wind :( 
SUNDAY: did a twitter competition which everyone failed 


  1. RE: the twitter competition pic.... sweet dreams sweet cheeks. LIKE DUH.

    (if it's not then im going to look like an absolute douche)

  2. IT'S SO OBVIOUS, RIGHT? Grr nobody got it! (yes you are correct)


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