Thursday, 19 May 2011

Walking #1

I live in Letchworth Garden City.  It's a beautifulish place, the world's first ever garden city and has the UK's first roundabout.  We also have black squirrels.  Full of charity shops, churches, and gangsta 4 year olds.  It also has very long roads. I'm going to walk - at a fairly observant pace - along every road, street, avenue, dead end, cul de sac and close. 
Here's a brief précis of some of my week (well, started this series yesterday so not quite a week)'s walking in photos.  Stuff I couldn't get a photo of included a cat with its head stuck under a gate.

I was listening to Limbo, Panto by Wild Beasts on Tuesday morning and today I had a new playlist I'm putting the finishing touches to. Exciting, right?  Saddo Laing :(
 My thoughts included 'who's that twat with the guitar?' (a bit of an in-joke but it's essentially the way I feel like a pretentious twonk when I'm carrying one in public so apply it to others at the bequest of Dixon) before realising Kirk has had his hair cut so it looks like Wolverine and 'this unshaven thing is itchy and looks stupid'.

Sorry about the rubbish captioning and the lack of story, I'm dead tired and in subsequent posts I'll make it a small story with a couple of interesting or relevant pictures.
Regardless, this is all you actually need to read:
the last map

the current map

Not bad for my first two days, huh?


Anyway, pictures:

A so-small-it's-unnecessary cycle lane
Rubbish photo but I found it entertaining how the top half of girl getting a backie's body was completely still and utterly rigid but the bottom half was swinging about like a ragdoll
A very green town (apologies for crack in my phone camera lense visible bottom right)
At the time the crossbar seemed fascinatingly rusty
I found this poignant
An interesting tree
Remnants of royal wedding hysteria were visible all around LGC - I'm a royalist but the hangover is nauseating
An oddly short basin
A very odd random post in the middle of their drive
Something nice but I felt bad getting closer for a photo and my zoom's ruined it so I can't even remember why it was nice in the first place
We well hate signs down here. Outside the police station just before this was a pile of disused ones
Really sad to be genuinely excited at taking a peek into the building work in the paddling pool park
Found a ball. That was fun for a bit.
BIG EVENT - first time I've had to explain this to a confused bystander.  I was taking a photo of someone's garden here and they came home and I had to explain this project. I did so very badly and then stung by a bee.  Still, nice road...
Just for the interesting centre basket. Camel? Alpaca? Dog?
St George's
Something else I found poignant
I like triangles so evidently this shop on Commonview piqued my interest
Colourful houses
The two white houses made me think of penguins, or snowmen
Might write this car into a sitcom
The most drinkable street yet
The most cool garage I've seen
Best balcony
I once walked past this building as it was being opened and the guy who was cutting the ribbon got stuck in the still-wet tarmac after posing for a photo
This road was resurfaced two months ago. TWO MONTHS.


  1. I've got a feeling I'm gunna absolutely love this feature. It's definitely got me thinking about where I live. I'm sure you'll come across so many faces in places too. Bloody lovely.

  2. THANKS BEE, really really glad you like it(:


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