'allo there

I'm Jamie. I like books, subtlety and custard creams and I get everything a little bit wrong. This blog is about records, writing and walking. I like colons in the punctuation sense and I'm a student from Letchworth, living in Colchester, where I am gradually developing a reliance upon diuretics and becoming ever worse at lectures. Comments will always be what I crave - affirmation is my addiction. I'm a gooner. 

@jamieeelaing - "a loser who eats too many biscuits"

When I'm procrastinating and bother with this blog, it is very loosely based on features, to keep me motivated. They're very vague, though, expect sporadic updates at best:

- Listing some stuff which will probably be a failed attempt to be funny
- Walking: when in Letchworth, I'm going to blog all the walking I've done that week, with the ultimate aim of walking around every single street in the town
- Writing exercises, where I'll stick up a poem, piece of prose or otherwise where I've attempted to transform one text into another style or tried to write something using a specific technique etceteraaa