Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tuesday to-do #4

 -   warning, a very self-y post   -

Evening all, a return to regular blogging today for me!  Sorry this wasn't posted earlier, I've been very busy doing nothing at all, it's such great fun.  I haven't even finished my exams yet but RS is over so I've been having a great time just vegging out a bit, playing football with my brother, watching Sherlock, eating shortbread and rediscovering how superb this is. It's a short one-man play which I saw partly performed at Latitude last year.  It's poetic drama, and it's really really good.  It's by Inua Ellams, who I really cannot recommend enough.

Anyway, that aside, how have I done with the last targets I bothered setting myself, a couple of weeks back?  Well:

REVISE - yup, a fair amount
Do some walking in time for tomorrow's blog - yup, that was alright in the end
Read all you lovely beings' blogs - YES, I've been a good boy and starting reading my entire reading list and I'm very glad

Do some serious book reading - meh, started this (the Ishiguro) again and intend to get around to finishing it this time. Also read a couple more chapters of David Nobbs' excellent autobiography and looked at a few poems.  I really like Jean Ingelow; plus the Milton book's quite cool because it's got a few retro ads on/in it. 
Book a haircut - not booked properly, but my friend Alice's mum, who's doing a college course in it at the moment, is going to lop off all of my luscious but lengthy locks for me at some point in the week, because I'm bored of my fringe.  DISASTER for my rep.  Before and, hopefully, after'll be something like this.  Approve?
Write my blogs before midnight - done!


Short one today before I'm back into the full swing of things, might do some one-off posts with thoughts from when I've been away (rather than lumber them here in one massive, unreadable chunk) over the next couple of weeks, if I can be bothered.  Probably not.  I'm off to begin to learn this then get bored of and watch some more Sherlock.  I'll be back soon and raving about Bee if she puts up her essay about the correlation between Harry Potter and Nazi Germany up on her superb little interweb space.  My kinda thing.

P.S. I hate putting pics in, they never work for me, wish they just did drop and drag.  Grrrrrrrrrr


  1. Keep going with Remains of the Day. I thought it was a pile of shit to start with because of how supremely irritating the old bulter is, however now I realise my suffering was for something, cause it's actually good.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, will do, thanks very much, I'll look forward to finishing it then (: Have you read any other Ishiguro? (I'm not sure why I reply to comments on my own blog, no-one ever sees them...)


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