Saturday, 11 June 2011

So how about that Nicola Roberts, then?

Old man verdict - I can scarcely hear above that electronic racket
Young indie teen - not bad, not bad
Current indie'n'Gaga Jamie - really really good, almost at 'amazing' level. Mildly rubbish video, tho'

These are my views on Nicola Roberts' new single, Beat of My Drum.  They're hardly secret, and I waxed lyrical about it on twitter when I first heard it, but I just wanted an excuse to put up this video of my brother Andrew and myself doing a bit of an owl-ey cover, inspired by And's friend Taylor giving him her drawing of an owl in a suit.  It's lovely and a little bit jubbly.  Excuse my incest joke at the end.

For something completely different, the majority of you will probably like this a lot more.  The band's called Daughter, and the EP sounds quality.

Also Bee did her vlog, which is amazing.  And I got her to talk about Nazis.  My favourite bit is when my stupid question confuses her and she says she would listen to music if it came in the form of 'a cake made of shit'.

That is all; I am meant to be revising now... I'll come back on, probably, Tuesday, but Friday the 24th's my last exam, so I might do a blog party - Zoe's idea, with a post every hour, and guest bloggers - or a vlog the following Saturday.  Something special to get all my thoughts over the past few weeks in without making a really stupidly long attention-losing post, and then I'll readjust the features schedule to get more blogging in in the absence of school commitments so to try and get my follower count up a bit and have a bit more fun with it here.  Might sort out my background and stuff too - let me know your thoughts, I'll be back soon to chat away, this paragraph's grown a bit long so I'm going to cut myself off here

P.S. so Gabriel Duquette who is ace mentioned me on his walking blog, big win


  1. My brother and I have also written songs/stories/jokes about owls so I'm pleased to see we aren't the only ones. In my opinion, her song sounds too Justice-y. It's okay though - even if the video does look like it was filmed in a village hall after closing time. Thanks for the mention - someone fucking disliked my vlog on youtube. Someone that detests the Nazi mention I guess. I'm a massive Daughter fan. I was her myself follower back when she was just Elena Tonra. Eeep, fan girl moment. Lovely prose about dancing owls. I think this could be a good career move for you. Anyway, get the fuck back on twitter. Who needs grades?!

  2. i really dont like nicola roberts new song x


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