Tuesday, 7 June 2011

So, how about... Milky

Evening all, further to my current internet silence I'm going to have to go back on myself and say I'm not going to tweet OR blog till after exams, given how hard I'm finding it to concentrate on it.  History on Friday should be alright, if I can stay focussed for two hours, aiming for an A* in that; RS on Monday is a terrifying prospect which not only requires me to learn the entire large syllabus rather than falling asleep or playing FIFA like the past two days but to keep focus for three whole hours.  Those of you that know me will get how hard it can be to get me shut up, let alone properly concentrate.  If I'm successful I'll have dragged my essays from a year's worth of Es to a C.

In hindsight it was pretty bad timing starting a blog just now, and I feel a bit silly in that I've just started to get some followers and comments before I take a couple of week's enforced break.  I just do quite long, time-consuming writing, to my own detriment, and I really really really want to get into uni.  I might not take up my insurance offer if I only get into that, either, which is how much I've been looking forward to it.

I've also lost about five followers on twitter, and to my horror when I looked at who follows me the top of the list are bots, so I must have lost like ten real people to be replaced with rubbish like @strangeinews and @iheartcharlotte (Gainsbourg).  You guys are all so ruthless with your follows! I approve but feel strangely bad about it.  My twitter and blog is all I've got to make me feel I have a voice which is at least vaguely listened to.

So yeah, I figure this is another thing I can cut out of a busy-ish routine and another vice which'll stop making FIFA look so acceptable in my mind's eye.  As you can see what was originally intended to be a quick paragraph has morphed into a full post (must ruthlessly self-edit), so it might well be a sensible decision to stop this.  Not that waffling bodes well in exams for someone with my terribly slow handwriting.

Loads of good, interesting, thoughts occurred to me this week.  But you won't hear them here, so may I present...

So, err, Milky.  WHAT A LAD

That is all, I'll see you all soon; I might do a touch of light blogging next week, post-Monday, but 24th is my last exam so after that this blog is going to be, as my philosophy teacher described ancient Greece, party central (without the free-for-all anal sex to which she was referring (don't blame her, blame OCR)).  I'll be back with a relative-to-this-blog bang, so maybe just a picture of a zebra or something.  That might be cool.  Or a video blog.  Bee, you good for that?

Sorry, in-jokes on public blog.  Bad.  Thanks for a couple of blog plugs to the lovely Zoe - who's particularly ace - and see you on the other side!


  1. No one tweets me anymore. I'm suffering from tweet depression. You aren't funny with your bloody joke. I'm going to post my vlog whilst you're gone just to spite you. Good luck with your exams anyway bumface!

  2. don't worry, your loyal followers will always remain! you need to focus on your exams for now, and anyone can understand that! good luck with it all though lovely - I look forward to the blog party when you're all done!


  3. Love the casual reference to anal sex, Greeks knew how to party... That was definitely a joke by the wayyyyy. I feel you Bee! My top follower is Kellogs, and that was their response to me complaining to them about having NO RED BERRIES in my Special K. Disappointing. Anyhoooo, I turned down my insurance and things are wayyyy better this year, so don't go worrying about that. Good luck!



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