Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday - recommendations #3

I am writing this week's recommendations on the back of a really good mood.  I've done a bit of revision today, played a good bit of footie with Andrew in the garden and right now we're listening to Blur and Janelle Monáe.  A good brother day, particularly when I've just seen how cool his twitter background is. 

Brilliant blogging:
Bee's day sounds AMAZING.  I'd love that.  Though I must admit that, on first read, "I usually stir just before 10am when I'm having a naughty fuck-the-alarm-i-want-sleep day at Luke's" sounded a bit T.M.I....
Zoe is an excellent excellent person who I've met through blogging.  SHE IS REALLY COOL, as this post about a car boot shows.
This picture is pretty nice. Pop pop portraits are always lovely, though.
A good feminist critique of The King Blues.
Celeste's lovely pictures.  I want to work in that bookshop!
Andrea's version of this post.  It's probably much better.
Arseblog's fantastic Wednesday
A must read for any Arsenal fan,  the ever-excellent Swiss Ramble on the finances of The Arsenal
I totally get what this is saying. Goood blog. 

Franzen on technology
Wealth and income distribution in America (much more interesting than I'm making this sound)  

Other superb stuff:
Gemma brought this to my attention. It's ace, man 
Beat of My Drum, Nicola Roberts' new single. It's amazing (but only after the third listen, really).
Footie.  I'm loving the weather enabling some good uninterrupted passing drills between myself and my brother haha, just wish renovations to the park near us would get finished so we've got somewhere to play properly.
This interview with Andrey, who's lovely he is. Innie? Innie tho'? Cutie baby Andrey.  Coochie-coo (that was probably unwarranted in respect to that particular interview...)

The video to Elephants, by Warpaint.  All the female members look amazing.

Check out this mental. Upload to my next walking blog? I tweeted fairly extensively on it last night, if you want more info.

Katy Perry breast love 
Finding this a day after my brother was performing the same dance to the family.  Something to tell us, And? 
St Vincent covering Kerosene. I know I've said it before, but I don't care, it's fantastic. AND SHE'S GOT A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT (':

New Statesman taking the Daily Mail biscuit with site search Top Trumps  
Marie saying I look like @JosephMillson. C O M P L I M E N T
Arsenal players trying to speak Chinese. Obviously Le Prof could manage it. 
Johann Hari's article here being followed, a few days after, by this news. If there was any doubt before (there wasn't); Cameron, you are an arse. 
Also Hari, this interview of him.  Almost everything - and I only use 'almost' because I cannot remember the entire thing - is exactly what you should know.
I am shocked at how much I crave the vinyl bundle for Copy Haho's album - how good is that? 
Young Arsenal goalkeeper Emi Martínez on being selected for Argentina: "I thought f**k. This is big news. I will not waste this chance."
*sigh* - Epic Meal Time. Amazing.
Failure of sleep due to 1 2 3 
HEY GUYS! HEY! HEY! - I am also into all of this stuff  
Everyone going batshit crazy over Paul Scholes - "Paul Scholes has tallied 33 Premier League assists during his brilliant career" - mate, Fabregas has 80. And he's only 24. 


Sorry, not a massively interesting post, got revision and things, but hopefully some of these links will keep you occupied for a bit if you fancy a spot of light cunctation anytime.

Cheerio chaps, cheerio goodbye


  1. Jamieeeeee,

    talking about your brother doing single ladies.... watch this! (I should add that the story behind it is Kurt, who is the gay kid, was doing this dance and his dad caught him. Dad doesn't know he's gay. Kurt tells his dad he was warming up, and then his friend says Kurt is on the football team. kurt has to get on football team. Turns out he is really good at kicking the ball, but only if he does it to single ladies.) why dont you watch glee?!

    PS. THANK YOU YOU'RE THE BEST! (loved the shout out)

    PPS. why did you call it a car boot show?! hahahahaha

  2. Oh Jamie, I have to admit that I did a little LOL at the breast love :D
    Do you remember Nayim's goal from the halfway line? that was my team beating yours mwahahah best day of my life haha


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