Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Walking #3

I've done very little walking this week, if we consider that LOADS of what I have done was drunk or in darkness so I couldn't take pictures or make sensible observations.  So I thought I'd take a detour on the way back from revision session today so I had something to write here...



I wasn't thinking much on my small walk today, just trying to remember where I had been this week when drunk, plus a small bit of mental history revision, and feeling really hot in my jumper on a sunny day. Pictures:

Check out this straw motorbike dude
 'check' out this car
 I want a row of trees in my front garden
 Some really nice roses
 One of the very busy (probably old people's) gardens in LGC
 Trevor's a plant?
 This hedge is massive but very well trimmed
I don't think Cartref is a very good name for a house
 Chimney arches are super cool
 Every house should have two massive trees in front of it
 Can you see the fountain? It looks rubbish on full zoom but the entire alleyway was shining
Keep away from religion, kids. It's bad and causes amazing amounts of problems.
 Took about 20 attempts to get a picture of this which you could read.  This is rubbish but will have to do. ANYWAY, it's a good name
 Stump. Ha
 I always walk past this sign and find it hilarious.  Isn't it jokes? I'll paraphrase: "Do YOU have no faith? But quite like the ritual? Come here - it's great, we start at 11, you don't have to get up early!"
What's the point?
I don't like organised religion.
 This is a really quaint house.

 I had to go home after walking past this because my hayfever went MENTAL. Bloody garden cities.
 I wish the builders would hurry up, I want my park back.  Nowhere to play football!

This. WHO would make an alright car look like this?
 I approve of allotments (apologies for rushed photo, there was someone working on her vegetables and I didn't want to look creepy taking pictures of her)

 Kids in Letchy think they're hard doing this, but they're really not.  There's another untouched one just the other side of the road, silly vandals
This is my absolute favourite house in Letchworth.  IT HAS EYEBROWS, MAN. FUCKING EYEBROWS

Thanks for reading!  I think this feature may need to be replaced next week, given I have exams on friday and the following monday, so I might take pictures if my room and show you around, or something. Any suggestions?


  1. This continues to be one of my favourite features ever! You must live by some complete badasses! Trev is lookin' good and my favourite part of this post is when you commend something for being 'well trimmed'. I wish my house had fucking eyebrows.

  2. If you can keep this feature, please do. I would. I've enjoyed the walks! Toad Hall, awesome.

  3. @Bee
    Aha, we did have an old dude 'Michael from Hertfordshire' go on Take Me Out. He's mental, I've seen him out and about in his straw hat... My dad's called Michael, too, so as soon as it turned out this mentalist came from LGC I got a million joke texts through
    House makeovers all round?

    Thanks, you're very kind, I intend to complete the entire map then move on to Colchester, where I'm going to uni in October, so it should be going for quite some time! Thanks again (:


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