Sunday, 4 September 2011

innuendo fruit

So I guess my first blog for yonks should probably be some grand occasion, with loads of trumpets and guest bloggers and something meaningful, right? Instead I think I'm gonna do a subject I hold dear - innuendo.  And fruit!

1. Plums.
2. Melons.
3. Mangoes.
4. Is that a banana in your pocket?
5. *peels* one skin, two skin, three skin...
6. Brown Turkish Figs
7. Peachy

 It's almost always hilarious in my book.  I love a good double entendre or even a bit of a whoopsie.  I kind of agree with David Mitchell but there's still plenty of ways to make innuendo funny.  If you don't like it, just swearing over and over is hilarious too.

Might have ruined my topic somewhat there...



  1. A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre, so the bar man gave her one.


  2. welcome back you big gayer. whenever someone says 'innuendo' i think of the scene in scrubs (old scrubs, before it went a bit crap) when carla (i think it was carla... possibly elliot) says to todd that his constant innuendo is inappropriate. and he goes "in your end-o" hahahahahahahaha. yeah. anyway. good to have you back old chap. pat on the back.xoxo

  3. as cleveland would say, is that a banana in your pocket or an erection in your pocket

  4. Been wondering where you've been, you can't just take a month off from entertaining us you know...
    I don't really have any jokes or anything to add to the comments, poor show I know.


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