Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Put it into Music week #5: SUNSHINE

For those not familiar with Andrea and Erika's Put it into Music project, every Wednesday they - along with interested people like me - both post a word, alongside a song and photograph inspired by that word.  I haven't done any new walking since last Wednesday, so I thought I'd join in today! It'll be going all summer, so it'd be great if you joined in too (:

This week's word is sunshine and I'm going to take the opportunity to post what may be my favourite song of all time.

For the picture, I'm an idiot and so picking almost exclusively through aesthetic.  I'm going to go with 

by Alexis Mire, who's properly properly ace.  I thought it was, of my shortlist, the best photo for the mood of the song.  I was going to go for a sunset at Glastonbury but that seemed a little boring.  It's not as good quality as it is on his page, because you're not allowed to nick it, yeah?

I picked this from a shortlist of photos by people I follow on Flickr, all of whom are superb and highly recommended. 



  1. nice one! this was one of my options too :)

  2. i love that song so much. excellent choice.


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