Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lists: introduction, #1 sensible cocktail names

Heya, welcome to a new series of blogs which I haven't quite worked out yet.  It's going to be called lists and will range from hopefully amusing things to a to-do list. Maybe get some playlists in there too...

(I have partially nicked this off Zoe)

Without further ado, list number one:

Sensible cocktail names

1. A cold shower
2. An early night
3. A brisk walk in the countryside
4. Not tonight I've got work in the morning
5. Better put the bins out
6. Day trip to Centerparcs
7. Jager-pinchpunchfirstofthemonth
8. Queen Victoria

Do you like the lists idea?  Comment / check this out. Thaaanks


  1. I like the lists, also the monkey toy in the post before made me almost as sad as the bear cub did.

    PS My PIN number is 1234 and my security code is 478.

  2. yeahhhhh woooo i am officially 'inspiring'! looking forward to reading the rest of these lists xoxo


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