Sunday, 15 April 2012

List: Sunday Evening's Soundcloud Set

How regularly do you go on the internet on Sundays and see a million complaints about boredom? It's a disease, I tell you, but one that I am not currently inflicted with. This might be down to having listened to a lot of music tonight which I can, for once, link you to without too much effort*. So here's a little sequence for any bored ears out there tonight - I can't guarantee it'll flow particularly smoothly or anything, it's just a semi-random sequence of songs I found on my soundcloud, listened to and particularly enjoyed tonight. Hope you do likewise!

Tempunauts - don't be scared off by this one. It's not at all my usual style but someone linked to it on Twitter and listening to it in the background I found it surprisingly enjoyable.

First of My Kind - Like the previous track, this is unusual for me - I don't really like Miles Kane, in that I find his image and popularity irritating given his lack of good tunes. That said, this is much better and I can see myself starting to like him if he releases a few more like this and people stop calling him well-dressed. The start of this song sounds like It's Raining Men!

Simple Math - Always been a favourite, this. An undeniably good song.

Fitzpleasure (BretonLABS remix) - It's not often you find a genuinely good, listenable remix and this, of a stand-out song by a band who blew away my initial expectations with their interwoven rhythms and interesting riffs, is as good as the song itself. This one is downloadable!

Toothache - The first song to really hit the high standards of their first few, this band have so much potential as well as being properly brilliant already. This is the first single with their new member, Asya, singing, and she really adds to their sound. Listen to Two Dozen, too.

Can't See Myself - A tune I always liked, but was never quite sure why. Good stuff from a band I've enjoyed every time I've seen them. RIP Maddox.

Hello Sadness - The title track of the latest album from potentially my favourite band. Benefits from repeated listening and savouring, but still brilliant on the first listen, like all genuinely good music.

La Moustache Formidable - I adore Mimas. This was the first I heard from them, and I've listened this and Mac, Get Your Gear On to death. Honest-to-God fantastic.

If you're still stuck for a listen, before those few I watched this twice, and am rewatching (well, listening this time) this - Arctic Monkeys live at Coachella 13/04/12 (WHY DOES AMERICA PUT THE MONTH FIRST STOP IT NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE LIKE THAT)

I love Arctic Monkeys. I cannot be bothered to write about them so here I shall compile some of my tweets from earlier this evening:
Love watching Monkeys videos at the moment, it's a joy to see new tunes as highlights of the set.
(for the first time in ages, as well)
I can't help but have the feeling that right about now would be the best time to see the arctic monkeys
Confidence levels and you can see them enjoying it, back catalogue meaning no heavy reliance on new or old material...
Anyway yes, they really are growing into being almost my favourite band again. Feels like I'm in year eight again

T'ra! Have a nice evening xxxx

* usually listen to records, which come without a hyperlink etceteraaaa


  1. I somehowwww missed this post!
    We have fairly different musical tastes... but you're doing a fairly good job of persuading me to listen to this stuff! Love Manchester Orchestra. Funny thing, I've always hated Arctic Monkeys (I know, I know) buuuuutttt... R U Mine is actually a pretty good tune.

    1. We're more similar than we could be, I think, and half the stuff on there (or certainly the first two) are not my thing, but I'm so glad you like Simple Math - that and La Moustache Formidable are probably my favourites on here. Manchester Orchestra are a brilliant band

      I get why some people don't like AM but for me they're just one of those bands I grew up listening to. I was gutted not to get R U Mine on RSD, but also really like Evil Twin so might just get that instead xx

  2. some sweet tunes, especially liked toothache

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed, Kenetics are a quality band, I'm friends with them too, you can get some free downloads here if you want: //

      (also facebook: )


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