Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Record Store Day 2012 & The Black Wax Addiction

If you know me or my writing, you'll probably know how proud I'm becoming of my growing record collection. I've got so much of my favourite stuff on vinyl now which feels like quite an achievement to someone as lazily perfectionist (there's a contradiction for you) as me - albeit a rather expensive one.
I'm not going to go over the entire Record Store Day initiative for you, however superb it may be - and is - but focus on this year's exclusive releases - because I'm sad enough to have spent a good hour earlier painstakingly and comprehensively listing a large amount of what I am most after in priority AND alphabetical order. Yeah. Sad, I warned you. It's a bit long and I am a student and am not really able to afford one, let alone everything in the 'want' section of my list, but will regardless do my best to get everything in 'need' as much as 'want a lot' as I can allow myself. Maybe more.
I'd also love to get this.
It does not even regret me to admit that, nay, proclaim that I will be queueing up for doors to open - I would consider going later, so that a section of my list is already gone and I CANNOT spend as much, but s Arsenal are playing at home (against Chelsea! Big game) later on, which I can't miss, so I'm just going to have to trust my small amount of self-control. My wonderful local record store David's Music will not have, according to staff, ordered too many copies of things that wouldn't have deserved a stand-alone release but are taking advantage of the RSD 'feeding frenzy', which could eliminate a lot of the 'maybe' list. ANYWAY, enough pre-amble, here is my RSD list (I AM SO SAD)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? Ltd heavyweight purple vinyl 7"
Beach House - Lazuli 7" Blue/opaque vinyl 
Gorillaz - DoYaThing 10" Picture disc 
Oscar Cash - Plays Metronomy 7”


Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus 4 track E.P. 12" 
Bloc Party - Shes Hearing Voices 7" re-release of the band's debut single 
Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone (Rub A Dub)
Caitlin Rose - Piledriver Waltz/Love Is A Laserquest 7" with exclusive jukebox sticker
The Cure - Friday I'm In Love 7”
Graham Coxon - What'll it Take
Metronomy - Black Eye Burnt Thumb (Woodwind version)/You Could easily Have Me (Woodwind version) 7"
Slow Club – Paradise LP 
St Vincent - Krokodil/Grot 7” 
Two door Cinema Club - Acoustic EP 7"
Xiu Xiu/Dirty Beaches - Always/Tu Ne Dis Rien Split 7" 

BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Dr Who Sound Effects 
Belle & Sebastian - Crash Exclusive 7”
David Bowie - A Side: David Bowie - Starman (original single version). Stereo
B Side: David Bowie - Starman (Top Of The Pops version) Originally broadcast on the BBC TV Programme 'Top Of The Pops' on 6/7/72. Mono
The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys LP, Seventeen Seconds LP, Faith Numbered (normal or coloured vinyl) LP, Pornography LP, The Top LP
The Futureheads – No 1 Song in Heaven
The Kinks – King Arthur, Face to Face, Something Else LPs
Laura Marling - Flicker and Fail/To Be A Woman 7”
Neutral Milk Hotel - coloured vinyl re-pressed LP

Odd Future - The Of Tape Vol. 2 Triple album 
Of Montreal/Deerhoof - Stygian x Bisection Split 7" 
Sigur Ros - Ekki Mukk 10" 
The Subways - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 7" grey vinyl 
The Specials - The Specials Live 7" 

The Beat - A: Mirror In The Bathroom, AA: Too Nice To Talk To 7" single picture sleeve, coloured vinyl 
The Beatles - 1's Singles Collection 4 x 7" Singles in Tin Box 
The Black Keys - El Camino 2LP 7" plus additional 7" vinyl with 2 live tracks. Gatefold with poster and bonus CD 
James Brown - Live At The Apollo: There It Is, Pass The Peas 
The Clash - London Calling Special digitally re-mastered new version by Mick Jones and Bill Price 
Consort Audite Nova - Plays Metronomy 
Dry The River - New Ceremony 
Elbow - McGreggor 
The Fall - Night Of The Humerons 
Morrissey - Suedehead, We'll Let You Know (live)*, Now My Heart Is Full (live)* - 10" picture disc 
Richard Hawley - Leave your Body Behind You 10" Single (part of Richard Hawley Singles Club)
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Acid Reflex 12" RMX
Pete Townsend - The Quadrophenia Demos:
EP One: Side 1 - The Real Me (demo), Cut My Hair (demo), Punk (demo) Side 2: Dirty Jobs (demo), Is It In My Head (demo), Any More (demo)
EP Two: Side 1: I've Had Enough (demo), Drowned (demo), Is It Me (demo) Side 2: Dr Jimmy (demo), Love Reign O'er Me (demo) Two exclusive 10" vinyl Eps featuring a selection of demos from the recent, critically acclaimed box set reissue - Quadrophenia: 'The Director's Cut' 
Ramones -Blitzkrieg Bop/Havana Affair 7", sire house bag
The Supremes - Baby Love (Heart shaped 7”)
Frank Turner - I Still Believe/Somebody To Love 
The Wombats - The Wombats Proudly Present LP 


  1. That's quite a list! I'm so lazy with my music buying, I tend to spend a ridiculous amount of money on books, and then nothing is left over for anything else ...

    1. It's absolutely ridiculous and I am partially heartbroken that I can't just get EVERYTHING there. Aye, books and food pretty much take up the rest of my budget x

  2. Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!


    1. THIS is amazing, thank you lots and actually the 24th was an excellent day. Very glad you enjoyed!

  3. Erm, so this is my first time reading your blog and I have to say that is a pretty amazing list right there. I. WILL. BE. BACK.
    PS - love finding UK based blogs (me being from here and all.)

    1. I'm so glad you like it (: If you'll be back then I'll have to post a bit more then!
      For personal blogs, UK are my fave, gives me a more realistic chance of being able to meet the author in person one day if they turn out to be lovely.
      Your blog is one of the nicest looking things I have seen for a long time (:

  4. PS are comments REALLY better than crumpets? I love crumpets.

    1. Crumpets are brilliant but I prefer an out-of-the-blue comment from someone I've never heard of who turns out to be brilliant and we end up ace friends to an out-of-the-blue crumpet. Plus, a blue crumpet would be a bit disgusting. Comments are lovely and affirming, whilst lightly toasted breakfast muffins trump crumpets in any case x


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