Monday, 19 March 2012


One happy family

If you were wondering, "бляди" is apparently Russian for "whore". 

Does everybody else find this as amusing as me? I particularly enjoy the way he does absolutely nothing to suggest unhappiness with the £50 he was fined for anti-social behaviour.

He has previously been reported to facebook for uploading pictures of what I can only describe as medieval torture porn and is notorious amongst my flatmates for his lax attitudes towards everybody else's crockery and breaking two toasters in a week for trying to toast cheese.

What a tit.


  1. Sounds like my kinda guy. JOKES. What a dickhead.

    1. I did think he was really sweet and just a bit out of his cultural comfort zone but nope, just a dick really x

  2. 'Medieval torture porn' - niche interest! Also loving that 'whore' is simply posted with no context, lolz.

    1. I know, you can't even pretend it's cool or artsy or anything, it really is just strange at best x


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