Thursday, 12 January 2012

How-to: create a fuck-off massive Wagon Wheel (71,640.6 calories)

Found this as a draft. Look how old it is!

"Yesterday (Wednesday 9th) third year, senior RA and fresher-fucker Matthew Rutter walked through our kitchen door with Tesco bags containing £30 worth of ingredients including marshmallows, jam, shortbread and 10 kilos of chocolate, with the purpose of making his ill girlfriend a GIANT wagon wheel."

Ha, really should have written this post.  The wagon wheel was well cool, as well, here are some pictures:

Katie smashing up some shortbread.    

Matthew waiting for the first chocolate layer to dry

CALORIE COUNT (accidentally but hilariously written on a pizza hut box background)  

some of the top layer of choc

just a casual little geek out

ellie and i decided to attack harriet


  1. Oh my. That looks bloody amazing. x

  2. that's just awesome! and you know, chocolate is the definition of true love.

  3. Ha ha ha! But we never learned how to create a fuck-off massive wagon wheel!

    Jessica | Vixenelle


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