Monday, 24 October 2011

Right now

I am TOTALLY listening to my new LP

It's only bloody Is This It

I've exercised little (but some) restraint since I got to uni. I've been very reasonable with my vinyl purchases - good prices only, y'know? Unfortunately... yeah, I've somehow only just started to find bargains, so I've spent a pretty decent amount on record crack

I've bought Is This It
I've bought Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not
I've bought We Are Each Other
I've bought Warpaint's cover of Life on Mars
I've bought I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose
I've bought The Libertines
I've bought Brianstorm (B-side is Temptation Greets... which is AMAZING)
I've bought Bloodflood/Tessellate

I've NOT bought:
- Antidotes
- Total Life Forever
- Radio Ladio
- Heartbreaker
- Holiday
- My Heart Rate Rapid
- Humbug
- Favourite Worst Nightmare
- We are Beautiful, We are Doomed
- There are Listed Buildings
- The Fool
- Romance is Boring
- The English Riviera

See? The 'not' list definitely outweighs the 'couldn't help myself' list. So that's alright, yeah?

Well fuck you, so far everything has been amazing, can't wait to play with a good turntable and speakers at home.  My loan will never last, so I suppose it's good that £30 I spent on pre-ordering LC!'s almost definitely excellent new album Hello Sadness on vinyl was committed before I left

Maybe I'll do a proper post soon - I've had the final pre-uni walking blog in my drafts for almost a month - or, more likely, you'll get a few more half arsed things like this, written at 1am because I feel guilty to all you lovely followers, before I have to stop going out and start working and make some effort on the blog purely for procrastination.

See you soon

(my mum reads this blog :( )

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  1. hey hey new follower here :)

    Nice to see someone else who gets the LP obsession. Collecting them can get so freaking addictive D:


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